Structural Integration

Aligns and balances the body.


When a body is aligned and balanced it moves with greater ease. It requires less energy to function. Good posture is effortless and breathing is easier. The body becomes more flexible, more coordinated and athletic performance improves.

Lesa Pensak

25+ years of experience

Board Certified Advanced Rolf Practitioner

Lesa has helped many people discover how Structural Integration can dramatically improve their posture and movement possibilities, allowing them to function with greater ease and awareness.

Positive Changes

Lesa's expertise and professionalism as a therapist and healer are paramount.

Difference After Structural Integration

I worked with Lesa on an assortment of issues that not only drastically changed my posture in the most positive way, but, the feeling of physical & emotional well being is still with me.

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Client Reviews

Rolfing has been an amazing healing modality for me. I recently completed a full 10 session series with Lesa. Her expertise and professionalism as a therapist and healer are paramount. Furthermore, she brings a deep Spiritual connection that adds an expanded layer of consciousness to her work. I highly recommend her and know that you will be thrilled to have chosen such a qualified veteran of Ida Rolf’s work.
Judith Buckingham, LAKE TAHOE
I choose to have bodywork from Lesa for a number of reasons. Her years of experience with movement are a big part of it. She is able to call my attention to things she sees in my movement and posture that I need to work on, even though I myself am an extensively trained bodyworker. My body responds well to her attention to detail for this very reason. I have had a lot of bodywork and my system demands work of a higher caliber. Lesa’s intuitive and consistent approach to the work delivers this to me in every session.
Lesa’s expertise and technique are absolutely incredible! I was seeing a chiropractor 2-3 times a week. After just a couple of sessions with Lesa I never had to go back! She is a natural in seeing what the problem is and fixing years of ailments in a very short time! Other therapists did a good job taking care of the symptoms but Lesa fixed the problems almost overnight! Lesa is an excellent therapist and a wonderful person!